This is Wolverine, our male Upper Mid Content Wolfdog. He is originally from Washington. His mother is a High Content Wolfdog and his father is a Mid Content Wolfdog. He is Mystique's mate. They will be producing Upper Mid Content puppies.

This is Storm, our female Lower Mid Content Wolfdog. She's originally from California. She is Gibson's mate. They will be producing Mid Content puppies.

This is Gibson, male Upper Mid Content Wolfdog. He's originally from California. He is Storm's mate. They will be producing mid content puppies.

UPDATED 8/21/14

We are accepting deposits for upcoming litter at the end of the year

If you are interested in our puppies give us a call at 


This is Mystique, our female Upper Mid Content Wolfdog. Currently in her summer coat. She is originally from Arizona. Her parents are Upper Mid Content Wolfdogs. She is Wolverine's mate. They will be producing Upper Mid Content puppies.

Southern California Wolfdogs


Our wolfdogs have a very good temperament. They love children and enjoy being around them. The mom goes into heat once a year during the winter. In the  Photo section you can see the grandparents, the mom and the dad. I respect and enjoy the company of the wolfdog and I want to share that with responsible people that are willing to share their lives with one. They're a beautiful breed and my hybrid ( hybrids ) will be loyal companions. We have wolfdog puppies for sale right now. The wolfdogs for sale are socialized from day one, and will be ready to join your pack soon. We are accepting deposits at this time so go ahead and give us a call if you have any questions we are more than happy to answer any. 
Our number is in the Contact section.